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What is Workday Learning?

Workday Learning is a module within the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) suite that focuses on employee training and development. It provides tools and functionalities to help organizations create, deliver, and manage learning programs, courses, and training content for their employees.

Key Features of Workday Learning

1) Course Management: Workday Learning allows organizations to create and manage various types of courses, including instructor-led training, online courses, webinars, and self-paced learning modules.

2) Content Creation: The platform supports the creation and curation of learning content, including videos, presentations, documents, quizzes, and assessments.

3) Learning Catalog: Workday Learning provides a catalog of available courses, making it easy for employees to browse and enroll in relevant learning opportunities.

4) Enrollment and Registration: Employees can enroll in courses, view schedules, and register for training sessions through self-service portals.

5) Skill Development: Workday Learning supports skill development by offering targeted learning paths and recommended courses based on employees' roles and career goals.

6) Certifications and Compliance: Organizations can track and manage employee certifications, compliance training, and regulatory requirements.

7) Feedback and Evaluation: The platform may include features for collecting feedback from learners, evaluating course effectiveness, and assessing learning outcomes.

8) Mobile Access: Workday Learning often offers mobile applications, enabling employees to access and complete training content on their smartphones and tablets.

9) Integration: Workday Learning can integrate with other HR systems, talent management tools, and third-party learning content providers.

10) Analytics and Reporting: The module provides reporting and analytics capabilities to track learning progress, completion rates, and the impact of training initiatives.

Workday Learning aims to support employee skill development, career growth, and continuous learning. It helps organizations create a culture of learning, enhance employee performance, and align learning initiatives with business goals. By providing a centralized platform for training and development, organizations can improve employee engagement, retention, and overall workforce capabilities.

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