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HRIS Staffing quickly provides qualified and certified HRIS Consultants for temporary staffing needs. 

Why use HRIS Staffing?

We have been operating for over 15 years and focus exclusively within the HRIS consulting market. Our relationships with experienced Consultants means we are best placed to provide you with the best talent.  

All our Consultants are thoroughly screened to include; a thorough assessment of their skills and experience, technical testing, certification verification, background check, drug testing and previous employer references. 

You only pay for the hours a Consultant works giving you greater control over your budget. 

Depending on your requirements we can provide Consultant resumes within hours and arrange phone screens the same day.

All necessary W2 and 1099 payroll and legal administration are handled by our dedicated payroll team saving you time and the administrative burden of payroll issues.

One call to HRIS Staffing can solve your temporary, contract, consulting or interim HRIS Consultant needs.

When to use HRIS Staffing

Even if you have a full team of dedicated HRIS professionals, there may be times when you need an additional resource:

  • Specialized HRIS skills.

  • System implementations, migrations or upgrades. 

  • HRIS project support.

  • Examining new HR processes. 

  • Clearing backlogs of work.

  • Additional workloads.

  • Improving efficiency.

  • Organizational growth such as mergers or acquisitions.

  • Restructuring or relocations.

  • Seasonal work patterns.

  • Employee secondments.

  • Unexpected resignations.

  • Maternity or vacation cover.

  • Sick leave cover.

  • Permanent headcount freezes.

  • Difficulty finding direct hire employees.

  • Contract to hire preference.

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