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What is UKG Dimensions?

UKG Dimensions is a workforce management and human capital management (HCM) platform developed by Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG). UKG is the result of the merger between Kronos Incorporated and Ultimate Software, two leading providers of HR and workforce management solutions.

UKG Dimensions is designed to help organizations effectively manage their workforce and optimize various HR processes. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to support areas such as time and attendance tracking, scheduling, payroll processing, HR management, and more.

Key Features of UKG Dimensions

1) Time and Attendance: The platform provides tools for tracking employee work hours, managing time-off requests, and ensuring accurate and compliant time and attendance data.

2) Scheduling: UKG Dimensions assists in creating employee schedules, managing shift assignments, and optimizing labor allocation based on demand.

3) Payroll Processing: The solution supports payroll calculations, tax compliance, deductions, and other payroll-related tasks.

4) HR Management: UKG Dimensions offers features for managing employee records, benefits administration, performance management, and other HR functions.

5) Analytics and Reporting: The platform provides analytics and reporting capabilities to help organizations gain insights into workforce metrics, monitor labor costs, and make informed decisions.

6) Employee Self-Service: Employees can access their personal information, view schedules, request time off, and perform other tasks through self-service portals.

7) Compliance: UKG Dimensions helps organizations comply with labor laws, regulations, and industry standards by automating calculations and providing audit trails.

8) Integration: The solution may integrate with other HR systems, financial software, and enterprise applications to facilitate data exchange and streamline processes.

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