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What is NOVAtime?

NOVAtime is a workforce management and time and attendance software solution developed by NOVAtime Technology, Inc. It is designed to help organizations manage and optimize their workforce-related processes, including time tracking, attendance management, scheduling, and labor analytics. NOVAtime is commonly used by businesses of various sizes and industries to improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in workforce management.

Key Features of NOVAtime

1) Time and Attendance Tracking: NOVAtime allows employees to clock in and out using various methods, such as time clocks, mobile devices, and web-based interfaces. It provides accurate tracking of work hours, breaks, and other labor-related activities.

2) Scheduling and Workforce Planning: The software assists organizations in creating and managing employee schedules based on business needs and employee availability. It helps prevent overstaffing or understaffing situations.

3) Leave and Absence Management: NOVAtime often includes features for managing time-off requests, tracking accrued leave balances, and enforcing absence policies.

4) Employee Self-Service: Employees can use self-service features to view their schedules, submit time-off requests, and access their time and attendance records.

5) Real-Time Monitoring: Managers can monitor employee attendance and track real-time data to ensure adherence to schedules and proper labor management.

6) Compliance: NOVAtime helps organizations comply with labor laws, union rules, and other workforce-related regulations by automating calculations and ensuring accurate time tracking.

7) Reporting and Analytics: The solution provides reporting and analytics tools to help organizations analyze workforce data, monitor trends, and make informed decisions.

8) Integration: NOVAtime can integrate with other HR and payroll systems, facilitating seamless data exchange and improving overall efficiency.

NOVAtime is often used by industries with diverse workforce management needs, such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and more. It aims to streamline administrative tasks, reduce manual errors, and enhance visibility into labor-related data.

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