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Infor Lawson HR Consultants

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What is Infor Lawson HR?

Infor Lawson is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite developed by Infor, a global software company. Infor Lawson is specifically designed for industries such as healthcare, public sector, manufacturing, and services. It provides comprehensive solutions to help organizations manage their financial, human resources, supply chain, and enterprise operations.

Key Features of Infor Lawson HR

1) Financial Management: Infor Lawson's financial management module helps organizations manage accounting processes, financial reporting, budgeting, and other financial operations.

2) Human Capital Management (HCM): This module assists with various HR functions, including payroll, benefits administration, workforce planning, employee self-service, and talent management.

3) Supply Chain Management: Infor Lawson's supply chain management solutions cover procurement, inventory management, order processing, supplier management, and logistics.

4) Asset Management: Asset management features help organizations track and manage physical assets, maintenance schedules, and asset lifecycle.

5) Procurement: Infor Lawson's procurement module focuses on optimizing the procurement process, managing suppliers, and controlling costs.

6) Enterprise Performance Management: This module provides tools for monitoring and improving organizational performance through metrics, dashboards, and analytics.

7) Business Intelligence and Reporting: Infor Lawson offers reporting and analytics capabilities to provide insights into various aspects of an organization's operations.

8) Industry-Specific Solutions: Infor Lawson provides tailored solutions for industries such as healthcare, where it offers specialized functionalities for electronic health records (EHR), revenue cycle management, and clinical operations.

Infor Lawson aims to help organizations streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions. It is often chosen by organizations with complex operational requirements and a need for industry-specific features.

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