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What is Workbrain?

Workbrain is a workforce management software solution developed by Infor, a company specializing in business software and services. Workbrain is designed to help organizations manage various aspects of their workforce, including time and attendance tracking, labor scheduling, and workforce optimization.

Key Features of Workbrain

1) Time and Attendance: Workbrain offers tools for tracking employee work hours, breaks, and attendance records. It helps ensure accurate recording of time worked and adherence to labor regulations.

2) Labor Scheduling: The platform supports labor scheduling by helping organizations create optimized schedules that match employee availability with business demand.

3) Shift Management: Workbrain allows organizations to define and manage different types of shifts, including regular shifts, overtime, and other shift variations.

4) Labor Cost Management: The solution helps organizations monitor labor costs, calculate wage expenses, and manage labor budgets.

5) Employee Self-Service: Employees can access their work schedules, submit time-off requests, and view their time and attendance data through self-service portals.

6) Compliance: Workbrain assists organizations in complying with labor laws and regulations by automating time and attendance calculations and generating compliance reports.

7) Integration: Workbrain may integrate with other HR and payroll systems, enabling seamless data exchange and improved workforce management processes.

Workbrain is particularly useful for industries with shift-based or hourly workers, such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. It aims to help organizations optimize labor utilization, control costs, and ensure accurate time tracking for payroll processing.

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