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Kronos Time and Attendance Consultants

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What is Kronos Time and Attendance?

Kronos Time & Attendance is a software solution provided by UKG that helps organizations manage and track their employees' working hours, attendance, and related labor data. It is a part of UKG's broader suite of workforce management and human capital management (HCM) solutions.

Kronos Time & Attendance offers a range of features and functionalities to assist organizations in accurately recording and managing employee time data.

Key Features of Kronos Time and Attendance

1) Time Tracking: The solution allows employees to clock in and out using various methods, such as time clocks, mobile devices, and web-based interfaces. This ensures accurate and reliable tracking of work hours.

2) Scheduling Integration: Kronos Time & Attendance can integrate with employee scheduling tools to ensure that actual worked hours align with scheduled shifts. It helps organizations manage employee coverage and prevent overstaffing or understaffing.

3) Pay Rules and Compliance: The software can enforce pay rules, including overtime calculations, meal and rest break rules, and other labor regulations to ensure compliance with employment laws.

4) Absence Management: Kronos Time & Attendance may include features for managing time-off requests, tracking accrued leave balances, and handling paid time off (PTO) policies.

5) Automated Calculations: The solution can automatically calculate worked hours, overtime, and other pay-related metrics, reducing manual errors and saving time in payroll processing.

6) Mobile Access: Employees may have the ability to access their time and attendance data, submit time-off requests, and review their schedules using mobile applications.

7) Reporting and Analytics: Kronos Time & Attendance offers reporting and analytics tools to help organizations analyze labor data, monitor trends, and make informed workforce management decisions.

8) Integration: The solution can integrate with other HR and payroll systems, enabling seamless data transfer and streamlining payroll processing.

Kronos Time & Attendance aims to improve workforce productivity, accuracy in payroll processing, and compliance with labor laws. It is particularly valuable for organizations with diverse work schedules, multiple locations, and complex workforce management needs.

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