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Kronos Advanced Scheduler Consultants

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What is Kronos Advanced Scheduler?

Kronos Advanced Scheduler is a component of the Kronos Workforce Central suite, a workforce management software solution developed by Kronos Incorporated.

Kronos Advanced Scheduler is designed to assist organizations in efficiently managing employee schedules and optimizing workforce allocation. It provides tools and features to create, manage, and communicate employee schedules based on business needs, labor laws, and employee preferences.

Key Features of Kronos Advanced Scheduler

1) Scheduling Automation: The solution may use advanced algorithms to create schedules that align with staffing requirements, employee availability, and labor regulations. This can help organizations reduce overstaffing or understaffing situations.

2) Labor Law Compliance: Kronos Advanced Scheduler can help organizations comply with labor laws and regulations by considering factors such as overtime rules, rest periods, and other legal requirements when creating schedules.

3) Employee Preferences: The software may allow employees to input their scheduling preferences, availability, and time-off requests, which can be considered during the scheduling process.

4) Shift Swaps and Bidding: Employees might have the ability to request shift swaps or participate in shift bidding, where they express interest in available shifts that match their preferences.

5) Real-Time Updates: The platform might enable real-time updates and notifications to inform employees about schedule changes, shift assignments, and other relevant information.

6) Visibility and Reporting: Kronos Advanced Scheduler might offer reporting and analytics tools to provide insights into scheduling trends, labor costs, and workforce utilization.

7) Integration: The solution may integrate with other components of the Kronos Workforce Central suite, such as time and attendance tracking, payroll, and HR management.

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