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HealthStream Consultants

Specialist HRIS staffing and recruiting services for organizations seeking top-tier HealthStream Consultants.

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What is HealthStream?

HealthStream is a company that specializes in providing workforce development and learning solutions for the healthcare industry. HealthStream's software and services are designed to help healthcare organizations manage training, education, compliance, and talent management for their employees.

Key Features of HealthStream

1) Learning Management System (LMS): Providing a platform for healthcare professionals to access training courses, certifications, and educational materials to enhance their skills and knowledge.

2) Employee Training and Development: Offering a range of healthcare-specific courses and content to improve clinical skills, compliance, and job performance.

3) Competency Management: Assessing and tracking the competencies and skills of healthcare staff, ensuring that they are qualified and up to date with industry standards.

4) Compliance and Regulatory Training: Assisting healthcare organizations in meeting regulatory requirements and compliance standards through training and education.

5) Performance Appraisal: Providing tools for performance evaluations, competency assessments, and goal-setting for healthcare employees.

6) Talent Management: Supporting the identification, development, and retention of talent within the healthcare workforce.

HealthStream's HR software is tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare industry, helping organizations ensure that their staff members are well-trained, competent, and compliant with industry regulations.

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