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Calabrio WFM Consultants

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What is Calabrio WFM?

Calabrio Workforce Management is a software solution designed to help organizations manage and optimize their workforce, specifically in the context of contact centers or customer service operations. Workforce management involves various tasks such as scheduling, forecasting, tracking agent performance, and ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Key Features of Calabrio WFM

1) Forecasting: Predicting call volume and other workloads to ensure the right number of agents are available at any given time.

2) Scheduling: Creating optimized work schedules for agents based on forecasted workloads, agent availability, and business rules.

3) Real-Time Monitoring: Tracking and managing agent activities and performance in real time to ensure adherence to schedules and efficient resource utilization.

4) Performance Analytics: Collecting and analyzing data on agent performance, call metrics, and other relevant indicators to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

5) Adherence Management: Monitoring and managing agent adherence to schedules, breaks, and other activities to maintain service levels and operational efficiency.

6) Reporting: Generating comprehensive reports and insights on workforce performance, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions.

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